When a paper plate simply will not do!  Have confidence that your food will stay on the plate rather than in your customer’s lap. ALLPAK tableware makes catering easy by giving you confidence to serve even the biggest helpings, knowing that the ALLPAK range can take the strain. So whether you are running an outside event, a company canteen, fast food operations or simply having a great BBQ, we have a range of laminated single-serve disposable plates and bowls for you.

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Product features

  • Laminated foam helps with cutlery resistance.
  • Non-absorbent tableware that retains its shape with any meal.
  • Helps keep food warmer for longer and is suitable for microwave warming.
  • Quality appearance, hygienic and easy to use and serve.
  • Reduce your environmental impact with this low carbon option.
  • Includes divided plates for portion control.
  • Clear lids are available to suit both plates and bowls.