Corporate responsibility

We take our responsibilities seriously

At ALLPAK we recognise our responsibility to give something back to the communities in which we operate and to act in a safe and environmentally aware manner.  We know that it is only by looking beyond simple economic success that we can sustain long-term competitive advantage for ourselves and our customers.

Charitable support

ALLPAK actively supports and sponsors charitable activities.  We believe we can make the most difference when we partner with local charities and initiatives, and involve our people. 

In recent years, donations have been made to The Childrens Cancer Foundation in particular  to support the very popular charity event held by one of our respected clients “Pure Gelato Enterprises”.  Last year alone, this organisation held the event which helped raise a huge $14,000 plus. We invite you to take part in this very special event which is held in October. For information regarding   ”10 out of 10″, please contact their office. 

Health and safety

We believe that safety is not something that can be project-managed or considered in isolation.  The protection of our people, our customers, our suppliers and the general public is of paramount importance at ALLPAK, and requires the dedication and commitment of all our employees.

Our safety culture is founded on the following principles:

  • Accidents and injuries at work are preventable
  • Everyone has a personal responsibility to ensure his or her safety and the safety of others – both on and off the job
  • No business objective is so important that it may be pursued at the expense of safety
  • Safe conduct of operations is a condition of employment at ALLPAK
  • A job is done well only if it is done safely.

How can an environmentally aware company seriously recommend the use of more plastic?

It’s all too easy to dismiss plastic as an environmental villain.  At ALLPAK,  we believe plastic packaging is the most sustainable way to preserve and protect most goods.  Societies without sophisticated packaging typically lose half their food, for example, before it reaches consumers.  All our plastic products can be recycled, and many are designed to be reused.

There is no other packaging material that performs quite like plastic – nothing so versatile, lightweight and cost-effective.  Metal takes large amounts of energy to create and recycle, while wood and cardboard need to be replaced more frequently.  Plastic is recyclable, lasts longer, is lighter and is more hygienic.

Through technological advances and clever design, the average weight of plastic packaging has reduced by more than a quarter over the past decade.  Our challenge as a packaging producer is to continue to create innovative and effective products for customers by using fewer raw materials and less energy.  By providing efficient services, manufacturing reusable products and offering recycling facilities, we are helping others to reduce the amount of waste in their own supply chains and to close their recycling loops.